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Then and now: Griswold Co. - hallowed ground in Alfa Romeo and vintage race circles. Before moving to Berkeley, Griswold was located at 482 49th Street (near Telegraph Ave) in Oakland. Now it's a hipster ice cream shop and art enclave. (From the Marnix Dellineus photo archives left.)

Special Driving Section

Bay Bridge Photos - the abandoned and soon to be dismantled eastern span.

Moving neighborhoods for cars

Oakland's MacArthur Freeway - clearing 2,100 parcels of land for eight lanes of traffic flow

Chevrolet Plant circa 1916

Chevrolet Plant at 73rd and Foothill was the first on the West Coast.

Fageol Plant in Oakland

Trucks and busses built at 106th and Foothill Blvd in Oakland.

Permit this

Green Building in Oakland.