Episode 6

Welded to a table

Why weld the car to a rolling table? When the transmission tunnel and center crossmember were cut out things got a little funky and flexible. To square it back up for recreating the structure, it was necessary to attach the body and rear end to a large flat surface to hold the body in place.

It lived on this cart for several months. Rear attachment points above. Front attachment points (welded to box sections of the uni-body) below.

Ready for weather - this was winter under an awning. Yellow fenders in the background are from my father's TD.

Removable center crossmember - now made to live under the transmission and driveshaft.

Here it is in place. Dents in the box-sections were there when we started.

Transmission tunnel in one dimension - and three.

First attempt at tie-rods. The right side is short, which will create all kinds of problems in the future.

Time to figure out how to cram the pedal assembly and master cylinders in the space available.

Strengthened mounting area, and first installation of pedals. It will never see the road with this column or gas pedal configuration, but sometimes you need to make it, then fix it.

Episode 7: Stiffening it up and bringing it home