Episode 2

After 90,000 hard miles, the Fiat engine finally started using more oil than fuel. On its last Melee, the Cortina consumed 12qts of oil. It never blew up, but it became increadibly inefficient. I thought it might be a good idea to go with a more modern motor. I researched Focus motors, and I had a Cosworth YAC at the time leftover from ACRL racing, and even built an Excel spreadsheet with costs of rebuilding the Fiat or the YAC Cosworth, sourcing a Zetec ford, or a 20-valve 4-AG Toyota. My only column without cost numbers was the Honda F20C from an S2000. So of course I decided that the Honda S2000 motor, with 9,000rpm capability, 240hp, titanium rods, and a 6-speed transmission would be just the thing the Cortina needed. So I went on Ebay and bought a crashed Honda S2000 with only 26,000 miles on the clock. In retrospect, not the brightest idea I've ever had.

Dissasembeld the car, and sold the pieces.

I decided I might need the transmission tunnel... sawzalled it right out.

With a fair amount of effort, I got rid of the wheels, top, seats, interior, dash, and other miscellanious crap. Mostly on ebay and Cragslist. Getting rid of the shell was a pain in the arse. The hulk had to be dragged to DMV to verify the vin before I could obtain a junk-slip and give it to a junkyard. DMV was not excited to see a shell with the tranny tunnel cut out... but I eventually obtained the paperwork to make it dissapear.

A Hayward CA junkyard scoops up the shell.

The next installment: Cortina Engine removal, and the real beginning of work