A recent camping trip in a friend's Westfalia Vanagon inspired discussion and investigation into car-camping and more recently, roof mounted camp tents.

At Billetproof, this vintage roof-mounted job inspired further investigation.

As seen 11/12/11 in Lone Pine CA at the crossroads of Highway 395 and the road to Death Valley - this Rover with North Carolina plates and a roof mounted tent.

Obviously, the idea has been around for a while...

1922 in Nevada

This book claims the roof top tent was a 1949 Nash 600 option.

Spectacular wing shaped box for storage for the Aero Cabana.

Is that a Fiat 1100?

Of course Land Rovers and roof-tents go hand-in-hand:

The Topbunk on a Plymouth Horizon!

Homemade Bug Tent

In 1971Toyota came up with the RV-1 - a sporting 'recreational vehicle' with a pop-top trailer - read more on hardtuned's Motoring J-Style blog

The following year, Toyota followed up with the RV-2. This concept featured a pop-up tent into the hinged rear openings.

Below: The pop-top craze fueled by Dormobile and Westfalia

The traditional Westy pop-top camper.

Bigger is better....?

Westfalia style concept

The Phoenix - kit car expandable camp tent!