Phil Garner's Backwards 1959 Chevy

Long before the 24 Hours of LeMons and the 'Backwards Truck' artist Phil Garner swapped the body on a '59 Chevy and took it out in San Francisco. Road & Track Magazine covered it in the April 1975 issue: Garner is known for pop-culture sculpture and art.

April '75 spoof section of Road & Track

Phil Garner's conceptual drawings for the Chevy, circa 1973

Phil Garner sculptures above:

Others have tried the formula:

In the 24 Hours of LeMons - The Backwards Truck:

As seen at a Louisiana LeMons race - the backwards truck was the pinnacle... until

Jeff Bloch, AKA Speedycop built this racing camp trailer for LeMons

and a plane for the same purpose - then got it licensed for the street...

and followed that up with the upside-down Camaro.

Others have gone there too....

Manuel Bucktie's T-roadster went 148mph at an SCTA meet

"Backup Pickup" drag car

Backwards Pacer car hauler would be excellent for LeMons

Hot rodder's take on the Backwards Truck....

The Mythbusters try and debunk the rumor a Porsche 928 is more aerodynamic in reverse by building a backwards 928