California Melee 2012

Preparation: It was time to put context to my odd wheel-color choice on the Thursday before the event.

I didn't bother to bring a real camera, so I grabbed a few images with the cell phone, and have ripped a few off of others postings. In the past I've done a better job at capturing other cars and participants. Not in 2012 - CK stayed home with Elfi, our rescued German Shephard and I Lone Wolf'd the event after spending a large number of weekends organizing and working LeMons races. What's with the bandana? This year there were a few major fires burning in Northern California - we drove through some heavy smoke just north of Clear Lake where the land was charred on both sides of Highway 20.

I think this is a Ben Buja photo. I'm working on my dust numbers.

Larry E's Healey steering better with original tie-rod ends. He tried new Moss Motors units on the Sports Car Camping Invitational, and the Healey was a handfull to steer.

Along highway 36.

Solo lunch stop by the side of the road on the way to the lost coast. Way out there with an ever softening rear transmission mount.

On day three, Larry and I were running together and came across Armand and Anya in the no-longer-running Sunbeam Alpine. Larry saved the day and diagnosed the electrical gremlin. It's never the coil, except this time it was.

Larry jiggles the ignition switch wiring while we monitor the volt meter.