Hardtuned Sports Car Camping Invitational - 2012

Larry checks the Healey for loose bits - this was the suspension rebuild shakedown.

My folks took the Boxster, and stayed in a hotel. CK and Elfi the dog took the fine rental Kia Rio in the background. This was just weeks before our mythical manual-transmission diesel Jetta Wagon materialized.

At roughly 9k feet, Conrad & Christine's wagon started to boil the fuel in the tank. So we went hiking, which was the plan all along.

Conrad, Dr. Harrison, CK, JG, and Elfi.

Conrad and Harrison (at top) rock climbed around the falls.

Camp - Markleeville

Using an aluminum pie tin, Conrad fashions a heat shield for the exhaust. Boiling fuel problem solved.

Note the "back to nature" jacking method - a big rock.

Night two was tent camping on my parent's back patio.

The Leak Game! Match the cardboard drip pan with the car it spent the night underneath. 1958 Austin Healey, 1965 Giulia Super Colli Wagon, 1966 Giulia Sprint GT. Click the photo for the answer...