Andrew Watry's Berlina Tour November 17, 2013

Shaun Pond's photo of CK and her 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider

(Shaun Pond Image) Ruth-Ann's Zagato, Hardtuned Giulia Sprint GT, Hardtuned 1969 Spider

At the scenic Vallejo Chevron-McDonalds-Starbucks start

Clean engine compartment award went to this GTV

Wire Wheels - above and below

Andy and Chris

The namesake of the drive - a pair of Berlinas

Andrew's Spider and a GTV

Black Giulia TI

Owned since 1971 - super clean 356

On the road... hardtuned GTV and Spider lead a later model Spider - Shaun Pond photo

I brought Elfi, the "attack navigator" and in this photo she's looking for cows

CK's Spider follows a 356 (Shaun Pond image, of course)

Dog as copilot... (Shaun Pond image)

At the first stop.

Hardtuned staff

Ready to hit the road (Shaun Pond image)

Attack Navigator

Special thanks to Andrew Watry for organizing the event, and Shaun Pond's excellent event photos on Fulvia Cam