We took the Alfa SS and our "new" dog Elfi on the Anti-Football Run. As a result, we didn't even bring a real camera, so we got creative. Thanks to Pete P, Norm W, Ben B, and others for the shots.

The hardtuned SS in Sausalito Melee regular Windsor O's Tiger

Ben B's Volvo. Very similar to the orange car above

Clark R's Citroen, another Citroen, and the converted MGB GT / El Camino convertible. The box is a platform/seat for a goggle wearing dog.

Super nice Bugeye

Peter L's Talbot and Red Fred's Maserati.

Andy S's Fiat Allemano Coupe and a Tatra.

David Swig's Mercury

Steve B's Fiat wagon (housing the Fiat transmission from my Cortina)

Immaculate 21 window Bus

From Norm W's Jaguar.

Ben B's shot of us following an E-Type.

Lower left corner Pete and Natalia meet Elfi the dog... Ben, Windsor and Josh P. on the right

Josh P, JG, and Winsor O at left - and some Daytona Spyder blocking the shot in front.

An appropriate way to start 2012.