Walking with Elfi: Random images of hanging out with our rescued German Shepherd

We left a car at each end to do the route above - July 3, 2015

Markleeville based Van Camp and PCT hikes - June 2015

South Lake Tahoe based hikes- April 2015

Van Camping test run - March 2015

On the way back from Devil's Bathtub, near Mono Hot Springs

On top of Mt Tamalpais

Coyote spotted at 11,500 feet near Ducks Pass

above Lake Tamarac

In a meadow filled with bear poo

Coyote on the PCT above lake Edison

Elfi in Grass Valley, between Oakland and Castro Valley

Above Gold Lakes on the Pacific Crest Trail

At Carmel Beach with Dr. Harrison, Conrad & Christine's Wire Hair Pointer

Hat Creek

With Shasta in the background

Investigating a lost emu in Briones

Camping wth Conrad, Christine and Harrison

Emeryville Marina, and visiting a rabbit in Oakland

Goats in Oakland

Turkeys in the Oakland Cemetary, and a rescue cat in Glenview

Tracking deer in Montclair

Cows... and Chickens

The discovery of San Francisco Bay

Showdown in the neighborhood: Spider vs. Fly

Tarrantula on the Pleasanton Ridge, and a bannana slug in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland

Elfi at the Nike Missle Sight on the Penninsula

Chrissy Field, San Francisco

Dead mantarays in the Emeryville marina

Groundsquirrels at the Emeryville marina

On Mission Peak, Fremont

On the way back from Lake Tamarak

Investigating a Millipede on Mt. Tam

Briones Park, September 2014

First trip to Briones Park - Dec 2011!