hardtuned Found On The Street:

a tribute to Murilee Martin's Down On The Street Series

MG's on the street

MGTF and Lotus Elan (the Isuzu) in Carmel

Street parked Magnette in Glenview - Oakland

Another Magnette, this time on College Ave in Oakland

1973 MGB on the street in Piedmont

MGA caught on Holly St. in San Carlos

Clean early MGB on San Pablo in the dirty mirror of the LeMONS van

MGA on Union Street in San Francisco. This 2015 photo by Motor is the same car hardtuned staff snapped several years ago. (Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page.) Only visible change is the blue note on the windshield - a city notice of rodent infestation.

MGTF spotted at the Autobahn / Joliet IL Lemons race by Murilee Martin

MGA in Berkeley

MG TA in Piedmont - This looks like Terry Sanders' car, but that's not Terry in it.

MGTD in Pleasanton CA

'67 (ish) MGB with CSRG tech stickers in Oakland CA

Rubber Bumper MGB GT - London: 2004

MG Magnette, Oakland CA

MGTF snapped in Piedmont

MGTC in Los Angeles - It was for sale - we didn't come together on price

MGA - San Francisco

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