hardtuned Found On The Street:

a tribute to Murilee Martin's Down On The Street Series

French Cars captured curbside

R5 Turbo, Rockridge Oakland. This car came up on Bring A Trailer about two weeks later...

Citroen DS Wagon, Berkeley

Peugeot 505 Wagon in Albany

DS21 being used as a sign in Sebastopal CA

Walking through Piedmont, found this Citroen Traction Avant - Car was handed down to current owner from his father and (the story was) it had been previously owned by the chief of police in Paris.

DS21 in Oakland CA

R5 Turbo spotted in Reno (Bill F)

Citroens in Philadelphia PA

Renault Alpine A110 in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland - Serg Photo

Citroen at Hanzel's shop

Truckette at Hanzel's shop (Second Saturdays)

Citroen - California

ID 19 in Berkeley

Early DS at Second Saturday April 13, 2013 - Oakland CA

Citroen pedal car at Second Saturday - Hanzel's body shop in Oakland

Citroen SM - Serg's barn find - immediately sold on ebay for fairly big $$

DS at Hanzels

DS at Hanzel's

R5 Starsky & Hutch edition

Citroen DS in Oakland

Another DS in Oakland

Citroen CX in Oakland

Renault Alpine at Melee Rolloff in SF CA

Renault Caravelle - belongs to the Clark R. who I bought my R16 from - captured at the Melee rolloff

Pro Street Renault Dauphine in Palm Springs

"SM World" Citroen tow car and Bonneville speed record car at Concorso

Renault Caravelle in Mystery Yard with Corvair van and Fiberfab kit car - photo by blackplates

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