hardtuned Found On The Street:

a tribute to Murilee Martin's Down On The Street Series


@autonerdery Bavaria in Oakland


Turbo-look, Oakland Grand Ave.


M-Coupe on widened steel spares at Thunderhill

BMW Nerd Worthy: 745i turbo in Piedmont.

BMW Nerd Worthy: A pair of E28 's in Berkeley. 535i and 524td.

Local 2002 caught on the morning commute - Park Blvd

Forget Whistle Tips Oakland - there's a whole new trend called BIG CANS

BMW E-30 in Oakland CA

2002tii in Oakland

Bizarre Testarossa inspired body kit in Oakland - UPDATE photo below:

BMW 2002 tii in Berkeley

3.0 CS in Berkeley

2002 in Oakland

Clean square tailight 2002 with earlier bumpers (?) in San Francisco

Good color on 2002 near Albany border, CA

BMW 2002 in Belgium: 2004

2000 NeuKlasse Sedan

2002 in Oakland

VIP style 7-series in Oakland

BMW Z1 in London

2002 caught in Sausalito CA

Euro bumpered 7 series in Piedmont (also had turbo badge)

Pair of BMW 1600's in San Diego

Pair of BMW 1600's in Berkeley CA

Euro E-12 5 Series in Oakland body shop

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