hardtuned Found On The Street:

a tribute to Murilee Martin's Down On The Street Series

Alfa Romeos and other Italians

Alfa Romeo 6C2500 mural on Broadway in Oakland

Lancia Appia on 6th / Hollis in Berkeley.

Intermeccanica Italia at Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox AZ.

Lancia Appia in Alameda

Patiently waiting: Early Giulia TI in Berkeley

GTV in Cleveland Heights

Giulia Super winds along Sunnyhills in Oakland

Fiat 850 in Glenview

1963 (thanks license plate) Ferrari 250 GTE in SF

GTV6 in Oakland

Giulia Super on Highway 580

Giulia Supers in Berkeley CA

Giulietta race car at Griswold's in Oakland (before moving to Berkeley) Marnix D. photo archives

Berlina in Oakland

Alfasud at Monterey - spotted by Serg

Serg's Fiat at the Alameda All Italian Show

Sparkly black cowboy hat in SF CA...

Berlina near Lakeshore in Oakland

Giulia Super in Oakland!

GTAs at Thunderhill track day on (new) 5.1 mile course

Motorcycle engined Fiat 600 with rocker arm front suspension spotted by Serg at Portland International Raceway

GTV in Piedmont

Testarossa at public golf course in Castro Valley CA

Lancia Stratos (probably a Hawk replica) spotted in Pleasanton by Serg

Early suicide door Fiat 500 in Oakland

Ed Adams taking delivery of the ex-Jay Lamm "Hammerite" Alfa Romeo GTV in Emeryville

FIAT 850 sedan stash in Oakland:

Lineup in Emeryville

Guilia Spider and Duetto

Kamm tail Spider(s) and '69 GTV

Conrad's La Carrera Sprint Speciale hits the street for the first time

Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale on Snake Rd. in Oakland

Fiat 500 in Piedmont CA

Fiat Multipla in Oakland

Giulia Super in Berkeley

Giulia Spider in Oakland CA

Sam Rhodes Super at Alfa Swap in San Mateo - 4/27/13

GTV at Second Saturday - Oakland CA (next to Pete Petersen's MGB Lemons racer)

Turbinas on a 750 Series Giulietta?

Note the matching driving gloves!

70's inspired Giulietta in San Francisco - photo by blackplates

Giulia TI in Oakland - used to belong to Aaron - now in a different 'hood

GTV in San Francisco

Rusty GTV in Berkeley

Recently Rescued GTV in Berkeley CA

Brush painted Berkeley GTV

GTV- or GTjr in Belgium (circa 2004)

Berlina in Oakland - briefly owned by Giuliettas.com's Matt then sold to a neighbor.

73 Berlina - San Francisco

Ferrari on the rollback - Belgium

Lancia Delta Integrale - London

GTV- Emeryville CA

GTV in Piedmont CA

GTV in Oakland CA

GTV in Piedmont CA

GTV at Melee Rolloff in San Francisco CA

1300cc GTjr at Melee rolloff

Giulietta Spider at Melee rolloff

67 GTV at Melee rolloff

Giulia Sprint GT at Melee rolloff

Detail of Dan's Spider at Melee rolloff

Lancia at Melee rolloff

This Ferrari 308 was spotted while dorking around Palm Springs in the Mini Cooper S Press Car

Giulia spider in Sausalito CA

Serg went to look at the light blue Giulia TI on CL and found the seller had a Super also...

Here it is at an Alfa Romeo swap meet in San Mateo on 4/27/13

Decent looking Spider - Kensington CA

Fiat Allemano Coupe

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