hardtuned Found On The Street:

a tribute to Murilee Martin's Down On The Street Series


Wandering Eye: Squareback in Oakland

Split Window Bus on College in Oakland

BRM's on a Baywindow in Berkeley

Baywindow in Oakland

Baywindow Oakland

Bustruck! on 80 in Emeryville.

Recently unearthed Ghia

VW Thing, Oakland

Clean Bug - Oakland

Double Cab Transporter - Alameda CA

Single Cab Vanagon in Alameda

Ghia - Oakland

Bay Window Bus - Oakland

One-off 4wd Golf in Thompson CT

Loading this super nice 23-window ragtop in Oakland - scroll down for another sighting

Quantum Fastback. Rare indeed - on Telegraph in Oakland

VW bus in Oakland

Hammered Crew Cab - Ex Frankfurt airport spotted in Portland by Motor!

Johan's Beetle at Inde Motorsports Ranch LeMONS race....

Martin L's 21 Window at LeMons with Dr Harrison, Christine R, Conrad and Felicity

When a team shows up with two Vanagon Race Cars at LeMons here's what their pit spot looks like:

Bay Window with BRM's in Oakland

Bay Window Bus at Hog Island Oysters in Marshall CA (Highway 1) January 27, 2016

VW DOKA Transporter Synchro - Piedmont side of Montclair (Oakland) 12/2015

Westies! At Bugorama, photo by blackplates

Bay Window Single Cab in Monterey CA

VW's from the Middletown Valley Fire - 2015

After seeing these things in New Jersey a few years back - they've made their way to Thompson Speedway in CT. Supposedly only two of them run now.

Bitchin' Dune Buggy in Oakland

Sport GT graphic on BUG - Berkeley

Roller coaster ride doors on a Jetta (photo by Perku Nathiswaya)

Syncro Vanagon - Berkeley

Bug-Gatti!!! photo by THE SHOOG

Mid-Sixties Bus driving down Castro Street in San Francisco 12/21/14

Single Cab VW Truck in Oakland - below more recent photo - now with 'vintage graphics'

Dune Buggy in Concord CA

"Land Hopper" Magnum PI Spoof in Oakland CA

40 Ford-Bug along Lake Merrit in Oakland

OK, Not a VW, but CK shot this awesome van-kit in Japan!

Nice 23 Window in Oakland!


Double Cab and Eriba Puck trailer - Living the Dream!

Chopped oval window bug in Alameda

1957 Oval Window Ragtop Bug in Oakland

Elkhart Lake Wi - Rabbit Truck for sale

More Rabbit truck love- this time in Piedmont CA

Thomas Sport Tuning badge and period Ronal wheels.... fantastic.

Last April we were at NJMP for a LeMons race when we ran across a stash of TDI Cup VW Jettas.

VW bought out the supply of these Ronal wheels for the TDI cup...

Lowered 21 Window bus on Park Blvd in Oakland

60's bug in Glenview

Syncro in Oakland

Attack VW Syncro Vanagon in Berkeley

late 60's Bus in San Diego

Living the Baja Dream in San Diego

Unique high-roof Baywindow in Berkeley

His & Hers Vanagons? Berkeley CA

Awesome stretch / high roof conversion baywindow in Berkeley

Propane canisters double as jet propulsion?

DOKA Double Cab in Emeryville CA

Lifted Syncro Vanagon in SF

Slammed Squareback in San Francisco CA

Early Bus - Kensington CA

Jetta Wagon, flossin' the rim tuck in San Francisco

Clean Squareback in Berkeley

Volksrod at Bugarama - photo by blackplates

Attack Rabbit in Portland - photo by Serg

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