hardtuned Found On The Street:

a tribute to Murilee Martin's Down On The Street Series

Volvos & Saabs

Volvo Duett Wagon

Amazon in Glenview

Volvo 544 in Berkeley

Saab at Thompson CT

Volvo - Oakland

Ancient Volvo Wagon - Berkeley

Volvo 122 in Oakland

Volvo - Field - Central California

Volvos in the Valley Fire - Middletown CA 2015

Volvo 444 in Vermont (photo by Serg)

Interesting use of a Saab Sonnet near Fruitvale on Foothill Blvd

P1800 Wagon in Oakland

Volvo 122 in Oakland CA - August 2013

Volvo 544 in San Francisco

Saab 96 at Kensington CA gas station

Air-bagged Volvo wagon! Kensington CA

Volvo P1800 in Emeryville

Stash of Volvos in San Diego CA

Volvo P1800 in Oakland

Volvo P1800 in Oakland

Volvo P1800 in San Francisco

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