hardtuned Found On The Street: Corvettes and other Americans

a tribute to Murilee Martin's Down On The Street Series

SS Hat Trick: Nova SS, Camaro SS, and Malibu SS under the cover...

Before "Wider is Better" was adopted as a Pontiac marketing slogan... Boneville in Albany.

1956 Chevy

Mustang - note on dash reads "Not For Sale, Do Not Inquire"

SVO Mustang in Alameda

Expert Parking in Oakland

Ford Falcon Ranchero - Berkeley

T-Bird. A fixture on the street in Alameda

Cadillac - Alameda

Cadillac - Alameda

'27 Chevrolet - Alameda

'55 Chevy - Berkeley

Chrysler New Yorker, Highway 580 in Oakland

Where in the world? Corvette on International Blvd, Oakland CA

Alameda CA

Pinto Cruising Wagon in Thompson CT

Subaru powered Chevy Chevette - Thompson CT

Chrysler 300, Piedmont CA

Jacked up Vega probably is V8 powered - in Oakland

Ranchero in El Cerrito

Art-Camino in Berkeley

Cadillac in Berkeley

Falcon - Berkeley

76 Corvette, El Cerrito

Red, White, and Blue: Early Mustang

Dodge Fever

Chevy Wagon in Oakland

'57 Chevy in Berkeley

Plymouth Sport Fury

Another Plymouth Sport Fury

Plymouth - possibly all the same owner...

Rambler in Berkeley - These cars are so similar to the Ford Cortina with different proportions

1964ish Ford Galaxie Wagon - Oakland

Jag XJS headlights in a Ranchero - at Marina Swap Meet - photo by blackplates

Cord on CA coast... photo by 'blackplates'

Judge Phil - aka Murilee Martin driving Fish's Ford at Thunderhill LeMons

This increadible home-built vehicle spotted by blackplates near Portland OR in 2012

No idea what this is.... in Olympia Washington

Chevelle and Impalla - Olympia Washington

Phil (aka Murilee Martin) impressed by the 4-speed Valiant - Olympia Washington

Plymouth Belvedere - San Francisco

50's Ford in Alameda CA

CRAZY ' 69 Camaro with an LS9 ZR1 supercharged motor and giant carbon brakes.

Heavily modified Camaro at LeMons in Stafford CT

Pinto Cruising Wagon in Oakland

Corvette in it's native habitat: New Jersey, between Philadelphia PA and Millville NJ on 55 South

Hemi Cuda in the Montclair district of Oakland CA

Creepy image on hood of Mustang II at LeMons in Shelton WA: Left to right - Murilee Martin's character from his porn novel Torment Inc., Nick P, me, creepy guy with Lemons logo, Phil aka Murilee Martin, Jay L.

Kellison in Emeryville

Falcon at Second Saturdays in Oakland

Trans-Am spotted in Reno by Bill & Serg

The General Lee and friends, Hazard Co. Oakland

Early Ford Galaxie - Oakland

Lowered Monte Carlo - Oakland

Pacer X in Oakland

Cadillac El Camino open deck Hearse - photo by Motor

Olds 98 in Oakland

Late Plymouth Satellite

Falcon wagon, Oakland CA

Chevrolet Impala - Berkeley CA

1949 Plymouth, Oakland CA

Packard in San Francisco - photo by blackplates

Model A frame in Oakland CA + Chrysler and '50 Ford

'62 Corvette in Pleasanton CA

Late 70's Corvette with an early 80's rear cap - Pleasanton CA

July 4th 2013 - Prewar cars on their way to the Piedmont Parade

Later we saw more cars decked out for the parade. This 1923 Pierce Arrow was preceded by a steam powered REO.

Model T Speedster!

Model T on right, not sure on left.

Nova SS in Oakland CA

Packard in San Francisco - photo by blackplates

Cord in Oakland!

Ford Wagon in Berkeley - Nice roof outrigger setup for canoe?

Galaxie 500 in Piedmont

Checker in Golden Gate Park 5/17/13

Swinging Corvette - Albany CA

Baracuda - Kensington CA

Hearse in Kensington CA

Steven C's Falcon at Second Saturdays in Oakland

Riviera in Oakland

Buick - Oakland CA

Cadillac - Oakland CA

78 Corvette - Oakland - not that special, but how many of these do you see on the street anymore?

Spectacular (I'm guessing 1964) Cadillac in Piedmont

Early teens Cadillac in a garage in Oakland

Buick - Jack London Square Oakland (that's the replica Jack London Yukon cabin in the background)

Groovy Cuda in Oakland

34ish Ford in Williams CA

Impalla - part of same group in Williams

Packard - Williams CA

63 Ford Galaxie at LeMons in Houston

This contraption was also at a LeMons race in Houston

Dodge in Oakland

63 splitwindow in front of Siebkins bar in Elkhart Lake Wi

67 Corvette - Elkhart Lake Wi

Nash - Emeryville CA

Chevy Panel (Ford Falcon in foreground) in Oakland CA

Nice 65 Caddy on highway 280 in San Francisco

Corvair wagon in San Francisco (Kiethy Wood photo)

Lincoln found in 19th Avenue gas station (by Dr. Kiethy Wood)

CK snapped this 81 or 82 Corvette in Japan!

We saw this Packard ('48 Custom 8 Club Coupe?) while looking for modern architecture in Los Angeles

Giant Desoto - Sausalito CA (anti-football run)

67 Stingray on Anti Football Run 2013

Challenger in Oakland

Challenger in Oakland

'57 Chevy - Oakland

Cobra in Golden Gate Park - San Francisco

AMC Matador Coupe - Berkeley CA

Mercury Comet ('62 ish?) San Deigo CA

Nash Metropolitan in Berkeley

Nash Metropolitan in Oakland

Corvette C5 truck - San Diego

Exhaust system on another C5 in San Diego.... sounds just like a '53

Model T - Oakland CA

'57 Corvette in Oakland

Galaxy Wagon in Oakland CA

Bricklin at the Friendship Show- photo by blackplates

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