hardtuned (trucks & vans) Found On The Street:

a tribute to Murilee Martin's Down On The Street Series

Chevy Truck - Oakland

FJ60's in Oakland

Dodge - Oakland

Corvair Van - Oakland

'49 or '50 Chevy Suburban (with Elfried) in Berkeley

Moss Landing?

Vannin' at Carlsbad State Beach!

Corvair Truckin' in Encinitas - Elfried's shadow at lower right.

Not sure what's hapening here in Oceanside

Serious Vintage Plates on an Autocar rig

I guess this is a truck, sort of... Wiener Mobile on Lakeshore in Oakland

Willys Station Wagon

Corvair Van and kit car stash - photo by blackplates

Dodge Van - Oakland

GMC and vintage trailer - Berkeley

Land Rover - Berkeley

Ford Van -Berkeley

Live Work in Berkeley

These two Broncos live about a block apart in Oakland

New plate says it all.

Issuing citations for too much ride height since 1954.

Willys Jeepster 1948-1952 spotted in Oakland

International 4X4 - Berkeley

Ford Econoline in SF

Early 70's Land Rover in Berkeley

Dodge Fever: A100 in Oakland

Land Rover Defender 110 in Piedmont CA 3/5/16

Land Rovers and 911R - Albany CA

Ford Truck - Berkeley 1/31/2016

Volvo Overland Expedition Vehicle spotted by Serg

Ford Truck - Oakland 1/1/2016

Jeepster Commando in Santa Rosa December 27, 2015

Mercedes Fire Truck in Santa Rosa December 2015

Travelall in Sebastopal CA Dec 2015

Chevy Truck in Sebastopal CA on Dec 27, 2015

Ford Econoline in Oakland

Back in 2010 Serg spotted the Don Prudhomme drag hauler at Monterey

Chevrolet truck in Cleveland Heights - Oakland CA

Chevy truck and trailer in Oakland

Drove this Studebaker truck in Angleton TX (as a pace truck for LeMons)

Dan R bought this Corvair Rampside - Also in Angleton Texas at MSR Houston

Old-school Ford camper shell setup - Oakland CA

FJ Truck with Roof Mounted Tent at LeMons

Jeep spotted in Vermont by Serg... a little rusty

Mercedes Kamper in Berkeley

Samauri rock crawler in Berkeley

Ford Thames van - photo by blackplates

Corvair Van, Oakland CA

FJ's in Oakland CA

Ford Fairlane Van, Oakland CA

Ford Van - Oakland CA

4WD's at Faction in Alameda - 1971 Bronco, 84 Land Cruiser, '71 Scout!

Single Cab VW Truck in Oakland

Mercedes Crew Cab truck in Philadelphia

FJ60 at Buttonwillow LeMons with Roof Mounted TENT!

FJ Cruiser with good wheel/bumper combo at LeMons Buttonwillow 2014

Suzuki truck spotted by Serg in Lake Como Italy

63 Ford Pickup in Oakland CA

Corvair Van in Oakland 2-17-14

88" Wheelbase Land Rover in Oakland

Double Cab and Eriba Puck trailer - Living the Dream!

NATO - Style Land Rover Defender in Berkeley

1940 Ford truck - Berkeley

Toyota FJ45LV LAND CRUISER in Oakland

This 1967 FJ45 Land Cruiser was also featured on BAT - it has a fuel-injected Chevy V8

Late 60's Chevy in Emeryville

Mid Fifties Chevy truck in Oakland

truck, Oakland

Land Rover in San Francisco

New RHD Toyota LandCruiser FJ 78's spotted at some kind of car armoring facility in Springfield VA while picking up radios for the Summit Point LeMons race

This was at the same place

I-5 headed to Buttonwillow. Spotted this 110" Diesel Rover with Canadian plates.

Matt Y's '72 88" wheelbase Land Rover at the 24 Hours of LeMons race at Summit Point.

FJ60 at Drakes in San Leandro CA

FJ55 at Alfa Romeo swap meet

Mural spotted in Oakland

Expedition ready Discovery - Kensington CA

RHD Land Rover with roof mounted tent. South of Lone Pine CA

1922 Dodge and presumably a '63 White Freighliner - Furnace Creek CA

Ford Econoline in San Leadro CA

Crazy geodesic campershell in San Francisco CA

FJ40 in San Francisco

Ford truck in Rimrock CA

Ford Econoline truck - Rimrock CA

Ford Econoline van in Rimrock CA

Forward Control Jeep:

And other trucks:

Ford - Oakland

Hot rod Ford in Piedmont

Travelall in Piedmont

1961 Chevy Suburban in Piedmont

Custom van, Division St. San Francisco (Kiethy Wood Photography)

Tommy's A100 Van in Oakland CA

Land Rover spotted in France

109" Land Rover in Oakland

Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser in Oakland

Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser in Oakland - For Sale sign in window has no phone number!

Willys in Emeryville


Giant Ford N-700 in Berkeley

Chevy Truck - Oakland

Vintage GMC delivery van... old UPS truck? - Berkeley CA

Land Rover - Berkeley CA

Land Rover Defender 90 in Oakland CA