1997 Ford F350 Dually

The Carbir Dually:Arrived late December, 1997. The official Tow Vehicle of Carbir Race Cars 1997-1999. It did duty all over the country as we ran the ACRL series, then Formula Ford 2000 series. Within the first 3 weeks of ownership we covered 9k+ miles. Pleasanton CA to Sebring Florida in 56 hours towing the 20 ' trailer. It hauled the Lee Lucas 45' 26,000lb monster for more than half of the 97 season. Then it did the rest of its time with the red 36' Carbir trailer in the picture. Was involved in several incidents: "Scott"- behind the wheel in Tennesee was hit (in the trailer) while turning into a gas station. There was a Cheetos incident somewhere in Texas (on the previously mentioned Florida trip) resulting in edible orange powder all over the rear seats. I let a San Francisco parking garage attendant ( who said "I can park that problem") take it up to the second floor of a North Beach parking garage. He got it up the ramp - but the return trip (as i watched him come down the ramp) was not as successful. A replacement fender was required. I got the same fender when moving out of a San Francisco apartment. It has been across country and back probably ten times, and has gone through multiple sets of brakes and tires. It has lived in Pleasanton, Milwaukee, Portland, and San Francisco. Drivers: Jeff, S.G., C.G., Eric Purcell ( a couple of times), Mark Cezon, Dan Banks, Scott O'Connor, and Dan Campbell.

Post Carbir work: towing my 65 Mustang home from the paint shop.

SCG's 2001 Ford F150 Lightning. Supercharged, and used to tow the 20' trailer.

2001 Ford Ranger

Acquired in conjunction with the "Skyline House Project" and 12 years and 88,000 miles later it's still hanging around. Has served as Hardtuned's modern vehicle and hauler for the entire time.

Mid 90's Bronco: SCG's Company Car for a time, which towed open and enclosed race trailers. Conveniently, we had this during the OJ Simpson low speed chase.

1969 Ford "Ranger" Truck. SCG bought this to haul 3-wheeler ATV's and other stuff. We had this in the early 80's, and it moved to Pleasanton with us in 1983. Ginger the Malmute dog jumped out of the bed while driving in the neighborhood.