Episode 16

Dealing with the Dash

In the closing days of 2015 it was finally time to close up the gaping hole where the instrument pod used to live with the glovebox door. The piece of metal above replicates the dash on the right side with the proper mount for the glovebox door hinge. Below, the stamping I'm trying to copy:

Set in place - turns out it needs to be canted back at an angle so the door will close. I cut little triangles and welded them to the ends, then welded those to the corners of the dash.

The top recepticle for the latch - had to fab a bracket from the remnants of the steering column support to the dash.

Welded in place

Working glove box door! Next: Putting the corners back on the dash.

When the rollcage was fabricated back at Joe's, he cut the dash in order to fit the bars. Those pieces have been sitting in a box for years. With the glovebox door in place, it was time to attempt to reunite the pieces.

Held in place with magnets.

Ugly, but tacked. (Left side)

Right Side was actually two pieces.

Dash Vents: Left one after cutting to fit around the bar - right one before the cutoff wheel.

This went in and out about 20 times in grinding it out to fit.

Left side bolted in place.

Right side required more material removal than the left.

Once it's painted, it should be less noticeable.


After primer and the first coat of black

Good enough!

After a successful Friday evening on the dash, it was time to keep the momentum and deal with the bare metal under the bonnet.



I know it doesn't match, but at least it's covered.

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